Planning an itinerary for dote pace

We’re beginning to realise that planning the daily activities for this trip is a previously unknown combination (to us) of dote friendly activities, snack breaks and using google to make sure everything is within easy walking distance (with public transport options if little legs get tired), all beneath the looming cloud that this planning may go up in smoke for any number of dote related reasons.  This holiday is going to be all about Lil’ D, though with any luck we adults will enjoy it too.

On past holidays Bear has done an excellent job of creating an itinerary that we tend to use as a strong guideline when we get to our destination. Not so, we suspect, when travelling with dotes. Should our idea of fun be diametrically opposed to that of Lil D we have a safety net in place.  We have prepurchased ourselves some Copenhagen cards that will gain us free entry to 74 museums and attractions, free transport and other assorted discounts.  Lil D goes free with one adult card. The card costs €79 for 72 hours and will hopefully prove convenient.

Copenhagen Card

Dote pace means googling how long it takes to get from the hotel to the zoo (28mins) then adding 10-15 mins to that, just in case.  Lil’ D enjoys playing eye spy while walking, so with all the sights on offer in Copenhagen it seems more than likely we’ll get distracted.  And on the trip to the zoo will she need to eat? Better get a list of kid friendly cafes ready.

Then there’s the Little Mermaid.  There is no way we are not visiting this icon.  Except it’s on the other side of the city.  SO do we try to visit on night 1 (after an early start to get to Dublin to catch our flight)? or leave it for day 2, when we hope to go to Tivoli, which is close to the hotel, but may not hold enough to fill the whole day?   Option 2 then.

The Little Mermaid means a long walk as her first daylight experience of Copenhagen, but that should work because it’s a walk that will take us past that other Copenhagen must, Nyhavn.  And she will hopefully be ready to drink in the colour and the fun of all of it.  Then we’ll need to stop for lunch, before heading to Tivoli for the afternoon.  Then for dinner. Then back to the hotel, where we will play a few games of cards, read a little and settle down.

As Aunties we’ve been lucky to travel the world, and the joy of sharing a place that we loved with Lil’ D and D’Daddy is beyond exciting.  As long as we plan for every snack break, every meal, every tired tantrum about walking it should be magical:-)

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