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Raspberry Tiramisu

Raspberry Chambord Tiramisu

I’m always looking for a reason to use my Chambord.

I love it; it’s always somewhere in the house and when you’re celebrating a certain auntie’s recent career success, it’s a perfect addition for prosecco cheers.

But it always makes me wonder what else I can use it for.  It’s delicious on vanilla ice cream but after that I get stumped.  Til now.  We have a new favourite ⇑ Raspberry tiramisu.

The recipe goes something like this.  Imagine a regular tiramisu and substitute anything coffee for raspberry.  A proper tiramisu should have eggs but when you decide to make it the morning of, a mix of mascarpone and cream’ll do it.  Then leave it in the fridge as long as you possibly can without diving in.

We used

3/4 pack of ladyfingers

150g mascarpone

250ml double cream

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2tbsp caster sugar



Chocolate to garnish.

Start by combining your mascarpone with the vanilla and sugar.

In a separate bowl whip up your cream til thick then slowly combine with your mascarpone mix.

Next break up your ladyfingers into sizes that’ll fit your serving dish.  Dunk them in chambord and lay at the bottom of your dish. (We also made an orange juice version for our non-alcoholic Papa (^_^)

Layer with raspberries, the mascarpone mix, another round of chambord soaked ladyfingers and then back to the raspberries and top it off with the rest of the mascarpone.

Then refrigerate.  Most recipes say overnight but we didn’t start in time so in the end we managed 6 hours.

Top with grated chocolate.  In a pinch you can grate a Freddo bar. Good aunties keep Freddo bars around (^-^)

*Warning* This much cream may have consequences (^-^)

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