Copenhagen Zoo

It’s been quite a while since we aunties have been to a zoo.  Our expectations weren’t high but Copenhagen Zoo enchanted us all completely.  A good 40 minute walk from Central Station, under advertised but beautifully designed.  Even rain couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm for these gorgeous animals. Highly recommended.  Free entry with the Copenhagen Card.

Æblekage – Danish Apple Cake

The smell of apples and cinnamon baking in the oven is a truly wonderful thing.

Denmark, we’re going to get along just fine.

Danish Apple CakeThis cake was a joy to make.  A lovely airy batter with the added fun of layering in apples and spiced sugar. (Even more fun if you forget the sugar and kinda have to scrape off some batter to go back a step).

I got a little nervous when it started to brown a little more quickly than I was expecting but popped on it’s recommended hat of foil and prayed to the Viking god of baking. (Andhrímnir seemed my best hope (^_^).

A skewer at 50 minutes proved inconclusive so I applied the 5 more minute rule. All in all, not too shabby, eh? ⇓

Danish apple cake

July book club

Cakes in Space

By Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

This is the story of Astra, a little girl travelling with her family to a new planet, Nova Mundi.  Nova Mundi is 199 years from earth,  so Astra’s family will be put into a frozen sleep for the journey.  Before sleep Astra wanders round the ship, meeting Pilbeam the robot and asking the Nom-o-tron 9000 (a cooking machine) for the ultimate cake, a dangerously delicious cake…

The cake isn’t ready before Astra has to sleep for the long journey, so the machine is left working on it. Uh-oh we say as readers.

And we are right to be worried as Astra wakes early to find that dangerously delicious cakes can be downright dangerous…

Cakes in SpaceThis book is quite wordy, so beyond the ability and attention span of our wee dotes, but I’d say an able reader around 9 upwards would cope nicely with the mix of adventure and jeopardy.

The black and white illustrations add so much to this story, from the killer cupcakes to the Nameless Horror (one of several aliens Astra encounters), the pictures will keep the little ones interested and involved.

 On a personal level, I’d have been happy if this was more of a picture book.  At times it seemed over wordy, Astra’s knowledge of earth went beyond what I’d expect of a girl her age…but then it may be a  little silly looking for logic in a book about fairy cakes with fangs!  I’m sure that our lil’ cupcake eaters will thoroughly enjoy this particular adventure.

The grilled cheese sandwich shop

Watching a marathon of Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) on Food Network produced a light bulb💡moment recently…

…cheese toasties are almost universally loved.  In our house Papa can’t resist a cheese and ham toastie, and the wee dotes are rapidly following in his footsteps, expecting that a trip to the shopping centre will also include a stop for a toastie!

So… what NI needs is a cheese toastie cafe! We’re telling you it would be an instant success.

But it’s going to take research first.  The bread, the cheese, the accompaniments, the mode of cooking will all need to be meticulously researched.  The internet is giving some good starting points (always white bread, a good meltable cheese), mostly American.  One particularly appealing  recipe is for a Mac n’ Cheese toastie (grilled cheese sandwich)…

A panini press has been ordered. A trial run of tuna and cheese proved there’s work to be done in finding the right balance. A notebook of possible recipes is rapidly being filled.

I forsee much cheese consumption in our future.


It started with a simple decision. One new book a month for the dotes to enjoy.


Once we started was it ever going to be one a month? and was it really just for the dotes to enjoy?

Since our April Book Club debut I’ve found myself falling further and farther down the children’s literature rabbithole.  Eims was never unconvinced, waiting patiently all these years for the Obernewtyn series to come to an end. I, on the other hand, remember myself at 9 loving the Little Vampire but haven’t really looked back since.  Until now.

I’m beginning to believe I could really get into children’s books.  I’m not talking YA, I’m talking picture books and early readers with illustrations that make you squeal in delight.

And there are so many!

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