Ulster Museum

Here we are being Backyard tourists again.

This time the Ulster Museum – another place high on things to do in Belfast.  We walk past it almost every day, but aside from the odd lunch in its rather lovely cafe, it’s been years since we had a good look around.

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Comfort Food

Sometimes all you need to start the week well is to know you have a satisfying dinner planned.  Comfort food to get you going again after a busy weekend.

Tonight I’m making a big pot of Japanese curry and I cannot wait!

It brings me home.  It feeds my soul.  It’s my surefire cure for Monday. Continue reading

Backyard tourists

We’ve decided to become tourists. At home. Weekends can come and go in a bat of an eye. We plan, we make, we shop, we play but rarely do we explore our own backyard. (Which is ironic as we’re often found googling Things to do N.I)

On holiday we’re real researchers, planners and big ole tourist check- listers. Why not at home?

Our first local excursion was to St. George’s Market Belfast, early on a sunny Sunday morning.

St George's Market

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For the love of dinosaurs….

Dino-sawEver since Lil’Graphic Designer displayed his love of all things dinosaur, A Night at the Museum has had a place in Nanny’s house. Say the words ‘Dum, Dum’ and for a while all the dotes were ready to watch it for the umpteenth time. Getting Lil’ Comedian to stop saying ‘Dum, Dum’ was as difficult as convincing the others that we really could watch a different movie.

Yet for the last few months A Night and the Museum (1 and 2) had rested peacefully in their DVD boxes, undisturbed by small hands.

Then Nanny discovered there was a third movie and what’s more, it was cheap!! Eek, we aunties thought, here we go again. Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 🎵

Sometimes conversation can turn odd.  Like, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle odd.

When the age-old question “Which Turtle are you?” comes around, one needs time to think.

But according to the classic theme song, Heroes in a half shell there is really only one way to call it…

Heroes in a half shellLil D is probably a Leonardo – she’s definitely the leader of our group.

Lil GN is a bit of a Donatello – he does machines (that’s a fact, jack).

And Lil C? Well, Lil C is a Raphael through and through. No doubt. (What did the song say about Raphael again?)

Leaves me to wonder who our Mikey is (^-^) and do we have a Splinter amongst us? Continue reading

Five a day

The dotes have particularly distinct diets.  Lil’Dancer would eat sweeties all day long but understands that she has to eat healthy to get her ‘treat’.  Gherkins feature high on the list of her favourite veg,  just like her auntie Bear.  Lil’Graphic Novelist is obsessed with macaroni cheese, but only if it’s the right blue packet. And Lil ‘ Comedian,  well she requested breadsticks from Santa one Christmas, and most recently has decided that plain wraps are her favourite thing. Continue reading

Practice Run

It’s Sunday morning.  The house is quiet.  No dotes around to wake me up and demand entertainment. No excuse to spend the morning making pancakes and watching cartoons.


In the interests of good summer preparation and a heartfelt dedication to the research of dote-friendly activities I’ve spent the morning playing with a t-shirt and my neon paint (*squee). So many options to try – stencil print? PVA glue relief painting? freehand? (⇐oh cod, no) but a little voice tells me simple is best if I’m really doing this for the dotes.  So me and my pencil have been busy.

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