Travelling with dotes – The beginning of an ad hoc guide

Last year we {aunties} took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.⇓


Best. Decision. Ever.

A New Year’s Resolution to travel more and a childhood fascination with Scandinavia had us looking to the Vikings.  Sweden was the dream (Norwegian fjord cruise the bigger one) but research soon opened our eyes to Denmark.  Direct flights from Dublin at too-good-to-be-missed prices and we took the chance.  Sweet serendipity!

Since our visit (and a subsequent trip to Stockholm) our hearts sing of Copenhagen as our happy place. We recommend it to absolutely anyone who will listen.  Even as we were exploring on our first evening, we had it marked out as a great place to visit with dotes.

The thought resurfaced when we were looking at Lil D’s summer schedule. When we suggested we just do it to Lil D’s daddy, little did we know what obstacles would lie ahead.  Just book the flight and hotel? Noooo, there’s a ton of other stuff to consider. Over the next month, pre-departure, we’re going to pass on what we’ve been finding out.

The road to taking Lil D on holiday may be fraught with new challenges but fingers crossed we’re in for a fairytale ending.


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