Father’s Day

We are the most awesome giftgivers, fact.  Not only does our favourite Father get a membership to the National Trust he gets some homemade apple crumble and cinnamon custard too.

Apple Crumble

Ok, so most of our efforts were theoretical until yesterday, but when you can print temporary passes at home and pull together a dessert that screams Papa with store cupboard staples, more time doesn’t necessarily mean better results.

The National Trust membership was hugely well received.  It allows him, Nanny and all 3 dotes free entry into 17 sites around N.I (parking included) and it was presented in the biggest card known to man (^-^) Nanny enjoys these joint presents immensely.


A Bramley apple crumble may not be the most summery of desserts, but neither is our weather. And a recent dinner out had both Papa and me in raptures over cinnamon custard. Lets just say Nanny and Eims had serious food envy.  A little flick through my go-to recipe book Perfect by Felicity Cloake and the work of deciding on the perfect custard recipe is taken away for me. A bit of chopping, a bit of crumbling and a ton of cinnamon later.  Voilà. Happy Father’s Day.

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