Comfort Food

Sometimes all you need to start the week well is to know you have a satisfying dinner planned.  Comfort food to get you going again after a busy weekend.

Tonight I’m making a big pot of Japanese curry and I cannot wait!

It brings me home.  It feeds my soul.  It’s my surefire cure for Monday.

For nearly 10 years I lived in Tokyo and it’s a huge part of who I am.  I do my best not to live in the past but sometimes I think I can be forgiven for craving some good Japanese food.

Some foods have the power to bring me straight back.  A persimmon brings back memories of co-workers bringing in some fresh kaki from their gardens to share.  Peeling them, quartering them, offering them around… Not so many co-workers do that here (^-^) The first sip of an Asahi.  That instant ahh of satisfaction.  The wordless permission to relax. The salty depths of miso soup.  Replenishing the body and reminding me that I should really make some tonjiru.

There is such comfort in these moments, such deep satisfaction.  It’s perfect for Mondays.

Unfortunately the scant supermarket offerings of prepacked sushi or dried ramen doesn’t really cut it.  To be right it needs to be hearty, it needs to be homemade, it needs to be curry.

Golden Curry

All hail the Japanese Curry Roux! Thank cod that Sainsburys stocks it!

Tonight I’ll go home, get out my biggest pot and relish in the simple preparations that make my Monday moreいただきます。

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