Backyard tourists

We’ve decided to become tourists. At home. Weekends can come and go in a bat of an eye. We plan, we make, we shop, we play but rarely do we explore our own backyard. (Which is ironic as we’re often found googling Things to do N.I)

On holiday we’re real researchers, planners and big ole tourist check- listers. Why not at home?

Our first local excursion was to St. George’s Market Belfast, early on a sunny Sunday morning.

St George's Market

St. George’s was named the Best Large Indoor Market 2014 so really, it’s got some of the best N.I has to offer. And how! So much to feast our eyes (+tummies) on.  Treats galore!  Anywhere that has multiple cake/cupcake/crepe stalls is ok by me (^-^)

On a day when the rest of town stays tucked up in bed til 1pm, the market is a little sanctuary for any early Sunday risers in search of some foodie distraction.

Not only can you taste your way round the market, you can also browse for local handicrafts and antiques. I must admit, a previous visit had left me a little agog at the range available.  A mix of slightly disturbing and vaguely offensive but at least it made for a memorable trip.

TypewriterThe Sunday traders seem much more P.C. I was sorely tempted by this typewriter. Oh~ how my correspondence would improve if only I had one of these⇒

All in all, a fairly successful start to our local adventures. It got us out and about on a sunny Sunday morning and really, who could ask more than that?

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