For the love of dinosaurs….

Dino-sawEver since Lil’Graphic Designer displayed his love of all things dinosaur, A Night at the Museum has had a place in Nanny’s house. Say the words ‘Dum, Dum’ and for a while all the dotes were ready to watch it for the umpteenth time. Getting Lil’ Comedian to stop saying ‘Dum, Dum’ was as difficult as convincing the others that we really could watch a different movie.

Yet for the last few months A Night and the Museum (1 and 2) had rested peacefully in their DVD boxes, undisturbed by small hands.

Then Nanny discovered there was a third movie and what’s more, it was cheap!! Eek, we aunties thought, here we go again.


…well no.3 actually made we aunties quite happy. It’s funny. There I said it.

Everyone seems to have actually relaxed into their characters and aren’t trying so hard to get laughs. All the big names are back, Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt, Owen Wilson as Jedidiah, Steve Coogan as the Roman Centurion, Octavius and of course Ben Stiller as Larry (oh and Laa- his neanderthal self who looks disturbingly like Tom Cruise) And in a piece of casting that may have made us aunties and nanny laugh most, we have Mr Crawley from Downton Abbey as Sir Lancelot, who having been woken for the first time, is not unlike Buzz Lightyear in his conviction that he is real.  Genius.

Of course, Marcel the monkey’s solution to the destruction of Pompeii by lava plays to the dotes sense of humour, but there was enough in there for all of us to get sucked into the fun.

Whether this warm, rosy attitude will last through multiple watchings is yet to be seen…

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