Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 🎵

Sometimes conversation can turn odd.  Like, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle odd.

When the age-old question “Which Turtle are you?” comes around, one needs time to think.

But according to the classic theme song, Heroes in a half shell there is really only one way to call it…

Heroes in a half shellLil D is probably a Leonardo – she’s definitely the leader of our group.

Lil GN is a bit of a Donatello – he does machines (that’s a fact, jack).

And Lil C? Well, Lil C is a Raphael through and through. No doubt. (What did the song say about Raphael again?)

Leaves me to wonder who our Mikey is (^-^) and do we have a Splinter amongst us?

Gotta say we aunties are close to reliving the 80s at the minute.  We’ve been watching The Goldbergs and we just. can’t. get. enough. The music, the outfits, the Barry (^-^) the Bev – it’s all so perfect.  It makes me wanna treat the dotes to some 80s gold. Afterall, happiness should always be shared ♥

So ~ waddabout a little NKOTB? some Count Duckula? leg warmers? (I can almost see the eyerolls and looks of consternation already). Ooh 💡 I wonder if we could time travel during the summer to 80s week and have games and activities based purely on the 80s. They already know Wham!, Inspector Gadget, My Little Pony and the Turtles – how hard could it be to convince them? Kyaa! There’s planning to be done and I love it when a plan comes together 📼

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