Five a day

The dotes have particularly distinct diets.  Lil’Dancer would eat sweeties all day long but understands that she has to eat healthy to get her ‘treat’.  Gherkins feature high on the list of her favourite veg,  just like her auntie Bear.  Lil’Graphic Novelist is obsessed with macaroni cheese, but only if it’s the right blue packet. And Lil ‘ Comedian,  well she requested breadsticks from Santa one Christmas, and most recently has decided that plain wraps are her favourite thing.

We have to admit that vegetables were a bad word in our house growing up, but when the options were hard beans, mushy greens or tinned carrots perhaps we can be forgiven.  Nowadays a dinner without veggies feels a little wrong and a little sad.  Bear even toys with the idea of vegetarianism, but hasn’t quite made the leap.

So…how do we bridge the gap between all these dotes’ dietary requirements and the need to feel like they are getting some goodness when the come to nanny’s house?

Carrot cake, that’s how! Carrot cake

Yes, I know.  Tenuous link, but who doesn’t like carrot cake? And it contains not only carrots but cranberries too.  That’s two a day really….

I vary my recipe for this one, but generally head back to hummingbird bakery for the base recipe.  Instead of cake tins though I like to use a couple of loaf tins, then one can get eaten and the other given away.  And as lovely as a cream cheese topping is, I’ve started to use a thin royal icing with lemon zest to add a light sweetness.  That’s healthy, right?

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