Practice Run

It’s Sunday morning.  The house is quiet.  No dotes around to wake me up and demand entertainment. No excuse to spend the morning making pancakes and watching cartoons.


In the interests of good summer preparation and a heartfelt dedication to the research of dote-friendly activities I’ve spent the morning playing with a t-shirt and my neon paint (*squee). So many options to try – stencil print? PVA glue relief painting? freehand? (⇐oh cod, no) but a little voice tells me simple is best if I’m really doing this for the dotes.  So me and my pencil have been busy.

I’m a print kinda girl.  On a daily basis I’ll be wearing at least two and have a tendency to buy more. Polka dots and stripes are high on the favourites list at the minute.  Plain is out.  I believe the dotes have a similar view.  So come summer a little dabbling with some paint and pencil tops seems like an easy yes.  Quick to set up, quick results – great for all of us impatient sorts, both little + large(r).

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