60 Days around the World

Summer’s coming…allegedly.  The weather may not know it but the calendar never lies.

Summer for us is premium babysitting time.  The dotes have, what, 8 weeks of free time to their hard-working parents’ 2?  Maths would have us believe that’s 6 weeks of childcare needs.  Luckily, we aunties tend to operate on a term time schedule too, so nanny daycare gets some much-needed backup.

Expectations for the BEST SUMMER EVER run high so to keep us all from burning out , a bit of planning now seems clever.

This year we’re planning to break the weeks up into themes.  The idea so far is to travel the world (+ possibly beyond) with activities and games inspired by different countries of the world.  Each dote will have their own passport to fill as the weeks go on.

Week One will be France (to keep it nice + simple) – lots to work with there!  The Eiffel Tower, the Tour de France, simple french phrases, food, fashion, maybe even felt moustaches (a personal petition).

From there our passports will be filled with stamps from Japan, Hawaii, maybe even Space 🚀

But for now, we’ll do as much prep as possible to make our summer #EPIC – no matter what the weather brings.

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