It’s a Hard Knock Life…

…but not for us

Since the arrival of the first of our wee dotes we’ve been reliving the movies of our past, but just the ones we aunties have fond memories of.

I was obsessed with Bugsy Malone growing up, in a way that I can barely understand now, but it was true love back then.  So of course it was one of the first to be shown to Lil’ D when the chance came.  She didn’t love it. Maybe we were too early. Maybe the joys of custard guns and baby mobsters doesn’t hit til you are, oh, 8 or 9?  We’ll try again don’t worry, it won’t be a hardship.

IMG_1796Next came Beauty and the Beast (Tangled and Frozen belong to this generation) and having prepared Lil’ D with the knowledge that this was my absolute favourite movie in the world, she watched with curiosity.  She asked questions about Chip the teacup’s  fellow teacups (are they all brothers and sisters)  and danced through the credits (a good sign with Lil’ D).

A recent choice was Annie, but the new version.   Lil’ D has the old version, but she wanted to see the new one in the cinema.  Her daddy vetoed it but we aunties were happy to rent it in the comfort of nanny’s house.  Clearly Annie is a girl movie.  Bear even revealed an almost word for word knowledge of all the songs.

Now Annie could strike fear into the hearts of many, but actually this was a clever update.  Jay Z produced and the hip hop beat to the soundtrack works really well.  We were pleasantly surprised.  If we watched it again, I’m pretty sure Lil’ D will be singing and dancing along. And I’m also pretty sure Nanny will be buying a copy at some point!

Next?  Well that’s yet to be decided

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