Neon Lights

There’s a lampshade in the playroom that’s never had style.  It’s white and plain and functional. Totally unacceptable for a room that has play in its title.

New neon acrylic paints burning a hole in my pocket, it was time to take this lampshade in hand.

1097797_10151590744915749_1687017845_oPrevious lampshade form involved combining cocktail umbrellas with a paper lantern to rapturous applause.

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Away with the Fairies

What a weekend! Truly you cannot predict just how far wee ones will run with an idea.

This was certainly true of Lil D and the introduction of fairies into our lives.

Last week I came across the most amazing company in the world, ever.  It’s the Irish Fairy Door Company and it does exactly what you think they do. They send fairy doors to homes to encourage fairies to move in with humans.  Lease agreement pending.

You gotta love the internet. You start researching a kid-friendly trip to Dublin and you end up finding unexpected gems like this.

Anyway I was immediately hooked.  Order away.Irish Fairy door

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I’m a Barbie girl

Barbie girlControversial I know but we {aunties} would like to hereby officially come out as Barbie fans.

We take serious guilty pleasure in watching Life in the Dream House or the latest feature-length any time Lil D takes the notion. (Sometimes we even offer).

Barbie has a sense of humour that cracks us up and all three of us have opinions on Ken’s antics.

It’s something just the three of us do together – our thing.

Interrupt at your peril ⚠


Growing up we played all kinds of board games – from the classics (Trivial Pursuit) to our own family favourites, which may or may not have been played by anyone else (Journey Through Europe).

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