Neon Lights

There’s a lampshade in the playroom that’s never had style.  It’s white and plain and functional. Totally unacceptable for a room that has play in its title.

New neon acrylic paints burning a hole in my pocket, it was time to take this lampshade in hand.

1097797_10151590744915749_1687017845_oPrevious lampshade form involved combining cocktail umbrellas with a paper lantern to rapturous applause.

This one was to be less hands-on for me, more Lil D-centric.  Cept I had one inflexible requirement.  Masking tape had to be used to reveal small white areas after the paint dried.  Control issues?

Neon lightsIn my head I had a vision of how it would go but as ever I was surprised by the creativity that Lil D possesses.  She likes to have people to bounce ideas off and consult with as she works – she’s sociable like that but as we discussed, we like making things that are useful for the house (^-^)

As you can see both lampshades have a core colour scheme. NEON. And these paints were fantastic.  A little went a long way and was dry in the time it took to eat dinner. Perfect for impatient crafters.

Painted lampshadeAfter pulling off the tape, our finished lampshade was repositioned and trialed.  All who surveyed the handiwork commented that we could sell it in a shop.  Lil D was adamant that she would never do that, but could be open to the idea of making more for sales purposes.  Love the way you think, Lil D.  Your lampshade is right at home where it is.

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