Away with the Fairies

What a weekend! Truly you cannot predict just how far wee ones will run with an idea.

This was certainly true of Lil D and the introduction of fairies into our lives.

Last week I came across the most amazing company in the world, ever.  It’s the Irish Fairy Door Company and it does exactly what you think they do. They send fairy doors to homes to encourage fairies to move in with humans.  Lease agreement pending.

You gotta love the internet. You start researching a kid-friendly trip to Dublin and you end up finding unexpected gems like this.

Anyway I was immediately hooked.  Order away.Irish Fairy door

On Friday, Lil D was present for the grand installation.  She was just as taken with the idea as me. More, maybe.

First up, we were instructed to choose a fairy name. True to form, Lil D wanted to use a family member’s name but to avoid confusion we steered her towards Pixie. Next we were asked to choose where we wanted to position our door, free of obstructions. Lil D was on the case.     Door positioned, a welcome sign plan was hatched, stepping stones needed to be glittered, garden to be tended, letters to be written to make sure Pixie wouldn’t be scared to come to our house. She wanted furniture rearranged to please fairy sensibilities but we drew a line at that. It was all breathtakingly sweet – and time consuming. All evening til bedtime was dedicated to fairy preparations. Welcome home Pixie

So thrilled Pixie decided to move in, key claimed, letter opened. We *believe* in fairies!

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