Pom-Pom Garland

IMG_1737Pom-Poms: fun to say, fun to make. Especially without the faff of cutting out cardboard circles or whatever that was we used to do back in the dark ages.

We used the highly technical finger wrapping method.  Just wrap your wool round four fingers til you think it’ll make a satisfyingly full pom-pom.  Thread the end of the wool through the middle of your fingers, yank it off, wrap it round the middle of the strands a few times then tie a knot. Get out yer scissors, snip the looped ends and fluff into a beautiful little pom-de-pom.  Give it a haircut to even it out, smile in triumph and start again. Littler hands will make more petite poms.

Threaded together into a rainbow garland they brighten the playroom on those greyer days.

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