Growing up we played all kinds of board games – from the classics (Trivial Pursuit) to our own family favourites, which may or may not have been played by anyone else (Journey Through Europe).

Now we get to pass some of the joy of board games on to the wee dotes, but we’re starting small.

IMG_1615Snakes and Ladders is a classic, simple game. Roll the dice, move your counter, go up a ladder and down a snake.  Easy.

But what no-one tells you is that actually Snakes and Ladders is a time bomb waiting to go off. We learned a valuable lesson the day we sat down with Lil’ Graphic Novelist and Lil’ Comedian to a nice game of Snakes and Ladders – having to go down a snake can be devastating to a 6-year-old! What should have been fun turned into tantrums and tears and long explanations about why playing by the rules is important and how sometimes you won’t win. Life lessons, who knew?

So beware, even when a babysitting plan seems fool-proof, it can always go wrong.  It is worth persevering though, board games are fun!

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