Teddy Portrait Studio


Emma on chair

There comes a time in every child’s life when their favourite teddy is lost and gone forever. It’s a heartbreaker for the adults, quickly replaced for the kid.

It happened to Lil D a few years ago. Still we mourn the loss of Heff. RIP.

Now Lil D has Emma and they’ve been happy together for years. But the fear of loss haunts us aunties to the point of action. Lights, camera, action.

We invited Emma to our Teddy Portrait Studio to capture her spirit and essence for posterity. And for Lil D ‘s bedroom wall.

Check out the rest of the photo shoot. Emma, the camera loves you!

IMG_1688IMG_1684IMG_1680 Lil Graphic Novelist and Lil Comedian will be receiving a similar invitation soon 🙂

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