Clubhouse biscuits

When Lil D said she wanted to be a baker when she grows up, we aunties took it seriously.

To build a bakefolio takes time and experience. You have to try out recipes and work with new ingredients. See what you like and what works. Gather inspiration and collect ideas.

IMG_1691I picked up Disney Cake and Sweets magazine thinking it would be a cute, age appropriate start to our joint quest. Mickey Mouse cutters came free and knowing how much Lil D likes to work with fondant, iced biscuits seemed as good a choice as any for a rainy morning practice run.


The recipe was level three out of a four mouse difficulty rating system – maybe in terms of the time and patience needed.

The cookie dough was lovely, soft and ready to be eaten raw. A definite keeper.The chilling time passed easily enough as we had to go out to buy the fondant for the top. (Came back with a ring for Lil D, sunglasses for me, a photo frame for another dote and a pick and mix of jellies fit to push Lil D’s wobbly tooth to it’s limits). After a quick dance to Billy Joel, the baking times were quite accurate. It was just the fondant that took the effort.

IMG_1701On this occasion Disney let us down >_< having not provided the circle cutter for the polka dots. Maybe it was a “previously on Disney Cake and Sweets” kinda moment. Also, we forgot to buy any white fondant so we were off script anyway. After experimenting with a variety of different circular objects, the roll and press method was deemed most effective. Besides Lil D didn’t want *just* white polka dots.


5 hours of on-off baking (& shopping), behold our tasty creations!

(Wobbly tooth still holding)

One thought on “Clubhouse biscuits

  1. sabine says:

    What a nice idea! The cookie cutters are super cute. My little son loves to bake cookies, too, but as a boy he goes for airplane, car and truck shaped ones! Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls, I guess…!

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