Post holiday blues


Taking time to say thank you

Lil’dancer made my day on Friday.  Coming home from work to discover an epic pinata cake and an overexcited niece was topped only by an impromptu game of pass the parcel, complete with sticky sweet between each layer of wrapping.  Nanny, papa and Bear were gathered to play.  I suspect the game may have been fixed so I could open each layer but fun was had by all! Continue reading

Epic Cake Day

Dessert menu here 8 AM and the adventure begins.

Trying to keep an excited 7-year-old quiet (so as not to wake the house) and clean as ingredients are measured and cake tins prepared is a physical impossibility for this poor auntie. Suddenly acutely aware that we’re one auntie down for this challenge.  Eims, you were missed! Not only for the tag team effect but to keep us two creative (read headstrong) types from clashing (*-*) Continue reading

Off-Piste Auntie

That moment when you agree that, yeah, a piñata cake would be a great activity for tomorrow. Head saying RESEARCH! INGREDIENTS!! LOGISTICS!!!

So… leaning towards winging it.

Fingers crossed for luck and patience tomorrow!