Where in the world?

‘Not all those who wander are lost’ so said Tolkien

Especially not if the great sites of the world are found on cards as gorgeous as these!


We aunties have been lucky to travel in all kinds of wild and wonderful places and sharing this with the dotes is a big part of the fun with these travel cards.  (Probably more so than making them sit and listen to us, for now anyway…)

13 different landmarks have been examined by the wee dotes; used for reading practice; for little geography lessons- where is the Eiffel Tower? Where do we live? Where have the aunties been to?, and most of all for playing card games.  Everyone gets something out of it- Lil’ Dancer is a veteran snap player so likes to create her own rules for us to follow, Lil’ Graphic Novelist is asking questions and Lil’ comedian is just enjoying the snapping!?

And when snap isn’t enough, there’s always concentration.  Pretty easy for an afternoon in!

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