Book Club

We aunties ❤ to read.IMG_1603

We’re always on the look out for good books for both ourselves and for the dotes.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s good. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. Sometimes it frustrates you so much you end up with nothing.

No more! As part of {auntie dotes} we’ve decided to choose a book every month to read to the wee ones or one that they can read for themselves and feature it here.  It’ll be our very own little dotes book club!

This month we got a little overexcited and got two.

IMG_1605First up there’s TiN by Chris Judge, shortlisted for the Irish Children’s Book award. Beautiful illustrations and a brother-sister robot duo that is sure to appeal to our dotes.

Then there’s Sylvia Plath’s The It-Doesn’t-Matter-Suit. A bit of a leftfield choice but being a big fan of The Bell Jar I was interested to read her children’s stories. To read aloud to the dotes, the repeating nature may tickle them but I’ve a feeling this one’s more for me than them. They may surprise me though. They often do!

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