Epic Cake Day

Dessert menu here 8 AM and the adventure begins.

Trying to keep an excited 7-year-old quiet (so as not to wake the house) and clean as ingredients are measured and cake tins prepared is a physical impossibility for this poor auntie. Suddenly acutely aware that we’re one auntie down for this challenge.  Eims, you were missed! Not only for the tag team effect but to keep us two creative (read headstrong) types from clashing (*-*)

Lil Dancer woke up with 10 new ideas for the cake.  Keeping her on track without discouraging that creative mind is a real art form so I send her and nanny out for embellishments while we wait for the cakes to cool.

It’s now four layers. Two chocolate, two plain.  I have an idea of what we’re making but it may not be the same as Lil D’s. May the gods of baking have mercy on us.

2PM. Butter creaming.  Slight spatula-stand mixer mangling, but much more excited about the cake.  It *could* be coming together.  Cookie cuttered a hole in the centre of two of the layers and sandwiched them together with icing.

We were both quite pleased to claim the two mini cakes from the cut out centres as well deserved chef’s treats.

By the way, secret fillings are awesome.


Sneak peek

2:30PM Decorating discord.  Things get a little tense in the kitchen as the final decorating visions come into conflict.

Side note –  Lil D wants to be a baker when she grows up. She has now added she wants to be the boss to that dream. I’ve promised that if she employs me, I’ll gladly follow her orders.  Deal struck.

3:15PM Grand unveiling of masterpiece ⇒

Flash photography and mighty praise have us thinking it was all worth it.  Job well done, Lil D! 7 hours of delicate and considered work complete. Lets call it work experience.

Now, how can we possibly wait til tomorrow to cut into it? …

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