IMG_1509Mark my words, it’s all going to end in chocolate. How could it not?


#Throwback Makes

Last Easter, eggs~pectations were raised.

We have never been straight-up Easter Egg kinda chicks, the dotes already get quite the haul of them. From us, they get a mix of makes and madness. A little something like this →

Who wouldn’t want to rummage through a basket full of woollen carrots, marshmallow bunny tails, egg cups and carrot seeds? (With chocolate, of course – we do understand who our target audience is)

An egg hunt was left for the little ones to play.  Fillable plastic eggs with finder challenges dotted around nanny’s house. Enough fun for them to play again and again, hiding the eggs from each other and then from us. #Egg hide and seek success ❤

IMG_1513So far this year the prizes have been created but the hunt is still somewhat conceptual. We have a few more days til we see the dotes so still some time for the ideas to percolate. I have faith.

For the gifts, the egg carton is king this year. In fact we’re all about the eggs.  Once you make a felt fried egg you gotta embrace a theme. And oh, the egg puns.  If you can’t crack an egg pun at Easter, when can you?

Crazy eyed chicks complete the theme.  You can’t imagine the giggles we had putting together the cartons just because of the looks the chicks were giving us! If those chicks could speak they’d definitely be, erm, complaining!

A chocolate drop surprise under the chocolate bunny and we’re laughing! Can’t believe we’ll be the only ones – Hoppy Easter!

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