Where in the world?

‘Not all those who wander are lost’ so said Tolkien

Especially not if the great sites of the world are found on cards as gorgeous as these!


We aunties have been lucky to travel in all kinds of wild and wonderful places and sharing this with the dotes is a big part of the fun with these travel cards.  (Probably more so than making them sit and listen to us, for now anyway…)

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Karma Chameleon


❤ felt

With the influx of new books for book club, we thought a bookmark would be a good make for the dotes.

Felt being the material à la mode, I got busy.

Controversially, Tangled is my favourite Disney.  Eims is old school Beauty and the Beast.  Lil Comedian and Lil Dancer have been through the Frozen frenzy whilst Lil Graphic Novelist maintains a dismissive attitude to all girl movies.

One thing led to another and we ended up with Pascal. Chameleons can adapt to all Disney preferences. Continue reading

Zombie apocalypse…

Or spy village, or pony town (the more terrifying option!)

What do you do if you acquire a cardboard village?

IMG_1638IMG_1639 You let the dotes do a little town planning, a little squabbling over whether the church should be in the centre of town or in the suburbs, then you settle in to get swept along in the mayhem.

This little village has had some bad traffic jams due to escaping convicts (in toy cars), a surprisingly destructive infestation of sparkly eyed ponies (courtesy of Lil’ comedian) and of course a zombie attack from all manner of toy monsters that happen to be lying around the playroom.

We aunties sometimes find that we’ve set the bar high on imagination that we struggle to keep up with, but having props like this has given the dotes a chance to lead the story.  All they ask (demand) is that we get involved!

Challenge Auntie


When life gives you lemons, make Trivial Pursuit.

One minute you’re experimenting with felt citrus and then BOOM! you’ve suddenly and wholeheartedly committed yourself to a whole lot more felt time.

You know that moment when you’re cutting out fake lemon segments and you realize just how similar they are to Trivial Pursuit pieces?

Take the next logical step and yep, I’m making myself a Trivial Pursuit board outta felt.

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